It’s 3 pm, and you can’t help but stare at your clock. The last place you want to be in is that office, you’re just counting the minutes for 5 pm to ring and you’re ready to go. But you also wish you had more time. If you don’t finish that project by tomorrow morning, you know your boss will probably scold you publicly. And to make it even worse, a group of colleagues just walked behind you, and you could clearly hear they were gossiping about a friend of yours.

We’ve all been there: working in companies where the…

Data Privacy Laws around the world¹

Europe’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, Brazil’s LGPD… in the past years it has become more and more common to read about some acronym that represents new data privacy legislation across the world. Of course, everyone remembers famous data privacy cases such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, when the company was able to use private Facebook data from millions of users to create and sell psychological profiles of American voters to political campaigns.² …

Alexa seems to be literally everywhere now. Why?¹

Have you noticed how Amazon’s Alexa seems to show up in a conversation every week? That is, if you’re not talking to Alexa from your own kitchen… or car… or computer… or earphones…or glasses… or watch… Yes, the tech giant’s digital assistant’s presence appears to grow by the minute as the company continues to launch new products over and over that integrate with her.² Even worse, every day that I check the Amazon website, there’s some discount/promotion for some Alexa product, and Jeff Bezos himself admitted during the latest Congressional hearings that they sell these products with a negative margin…

Roberto Bandeira de Mello

Passionate about technology and innovation. Senior Manager, Operations at Instawork | Stanford MBA

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